(Monochrome Watercolors)

Jerusalem!  Ah, Jerusalem…  I lived in Rehovot from 1973 – 1979, and there I studied art in the evenings with Rachel Shavit and Eliyahu Gat.  And there I had my first exhibition, in 1978.  But it was Jerusalem that made me an artist.  Eliyahu Gat took our class to paint in Lifta, at the entrance to Jerusalem, and tho I had brought oil paints, I saw no colour.  I also had a bottle of brown India ink, and a dip pen.  Someone produced brown wrapping paper.  And that was the beginning of this monochrome style which continued until 1992.  From 1977-1978 I traveled each week to study there with Prof. Yosef Hirsch, 5 hours of study, the rest of the day I painted outside, and the following day as well.  The paintings in this section are mostly brown watercolour (Luma brand) that comes in a bottle, dip pen and brush.  Others are India ink.


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