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Metulla and Northern Israel

(Watercolors and Colored Pencils)

I moved to Metulla in 2007.  Much tranquility here, despite its proximity to the Lebanese border.  And much inspiration for painting and poetry.  It was here that I left behind the watercolours and began working in pen and coloured pencils. About Safad (Tsfat) – I moved there in 1989 and had a permanent exhibition in my home in the Artists’ Colony, as most of the artists who live there do.  There I began to paint in colour – suddenly, from brown monochrome to colour – a surprise to me, but with all the blues in Tsfat, it is really no wonder.  In 2001 I returned to live in Jerusalem until 2007, when I moved in Metulla where I am now. 


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Oh, God,

every time

I think I’ve seen

all the beauty

you have to show me


You surprise me…

with yet

another flamed sunset

with the reflection of a stork

in calm pond waters

with an insight of wisdom

with a painting magnificent

with the smile of an infant


And I, the ingrate,

ever insatiable,

implore you, 





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