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(Pen and Colored Pencils)

In May 2013 I visited Italy for the first time since a short journey in 1960.  I did small quick sketches, as I usually do on travels, and photographed the landscape.  When I returned home I completed the sketches with colour, and realized that I had fallen in love with Italy.  And so I continued to do paintings of this picturesque country for the next two years.  It is the first time that I have done serious paintings of a country other than Israel.




Yes, we knew of Rome,

Florence and Torino and the other cities

of magnificent architecture 

the enchantment of Venice 

the opulence of San Marco 

the romance of Verona


but no one mentioned
medieval villages,

eleventh century churches,

the song of the blackbird

the swoop of the crow

the soar of the eagle  

and fat farm cats

the beauty of Nature 

that eludes the imagination

until you are in the midst of it

on the mountaintops 

with the sheep in summer

only cowbells jangling 

the ancient silence 

of flowers and trees

and snowcapped mountains


and the little flowers 

that grow between stones



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